VHS Recycling With A Social Mission #RecycleVHS #Toronto

Join us in recycling your VHS, media and child car seats as a green contribution to our environment. Take them to our facility during the recycling day or make an appointment with us. 

Currently municipalities advise us to dispose of the VHS tapes and media tapes as garbage.  
However, most elements of these products are recyclable. The plastics are non-biodegradable, they continue to fill up our landfills. As environmentally conscious citizens please join us in making our planet greener.

Recycling fees for VHS and other media:

First 50 items: $25 + HST
(Basic charge for any combination excluding reel-to-reel)

Above 50 items: 

• VHS $0.50 each + HST
• CD/DVD/Vinyl $0.20 each + HST

 Specialty media: 

• Floppy, Beta, DV and 8-Tracks $0.50 each + HST
• Reel-to-Reel $1.00 each + HST

Recycling fees for Child Car Seats:

• Child Car Seat: $13.25 + HST
• Booster Seat: $5.00 + HST


Why is there a cost for recycling?

Project Get Reel™ / Red Propeller Inc. provides an environmental friendly alternative to disposing the VHS tapes and car seats into the landfill. Many components of which are made of recyclable materials. This is a service for all to be a part of our environmental solution. 

However, there is a cost to keeping the operation running. The recycling fee is necessary to ensuring sustainability of the service in the following areas:

(1) operation
(2) staffing
(3) marketing and education


What do we recover?

The short answer is – everything we can. Red Propeller is the only dedicated media tapes and child car seats recycler in Ontario under Ontario Recycling License.
MOECC #5790-A4JKLL. 

VHS, media tapes and car seats – from the outer packaging to the internal components of all of the above products. Some produce more than others; however, all of them generate some sort of recyclable materials. We have identified at least 6 types of plastics, 4 metal types plus cardboard and paper for media tapes. Similar outcome from child car seats. After collecting sufficient volumes for each type of material we return the materials to the market place for re-use in new products.


We recycle all these items

Magnetic media


Car Seat


Driving Direction:

Red Propeller Inc.
116 Industry Street, Toronto

1. From Lake Shore Boulevard (east or west) 

> Go north on Parkside Drive to Keele Street
> Go north on Keele Street to Black Creek Drive
> Turn left on Todd Baylis Drive (2nd light)
> On Todd Baylis Drive, turn left at 3-way stop to Industry Street
> On Industry Street continue through 3-way stop; 116 is on your right; look for the sandwich board

2. From Hwy 401 (from east or west)

> 401 to Black Creek Drive. Go south to Tretheway Drive (2nd light); turn right
> Tretheway Drive to Todd Baylis Drive (1st light); turn left
> Todd Baylis Drive to Industry Street (3-way stop); turn right
> On Industry Street proceed through 3-way stop; 116 is on your right; look for the sandwich board

TTC Direction:

> From Runnymede Subway Station take bus 71B Runnymede bus to Ray Avenue and Industry Street. LEF / Project Get Reel is the next building to the right.
Check bus route

Please bag them separately because they require different procedures in our workflow. 

Project Get Reel (inside the Learning Enrichment Foundation facility)
116 Industry Street, Toronto (See driving direction below)