Project Get Reel is coming to town soon

VHS - Do you see what the earth sees?

One Of A Kind Green Solution

Based on our search on the Consumer Index just Ontario alone has accumulated about 2.26 billion videotapes during the sales peak. We are so glad that you want to participate in making a green difference. 

Project Get Reel™ is set up to ethically recycle the VHS tapes and other media formats. 

Our Recycling Licence is on its way

We have been waiting for seven months for our recycling permit. The review and approval process is at its final stage. Please stay tuned. 

In 2016 we will embrace an opportunity to give our earth a green gift and create jobs for people with a barrier to employment. 

Please join our contact list. We will keep you informed once the shop is operational and is ready for receiving. Stay tuned and stay healthy.

Project Get Reel