Recycling your VHS, media tapes is being responsible to our environment. Together, we can make a better planet for ourselves and our futures.

Recycling fees for VHS and other media:

First 50 items: $25 + HST (Basic charge for any combination excluding reel-to-reel)

Above 50 items: 

• VHS $0.50 each + HST
• CD/DVD/Vinyl $0.20 each + HST

 Specialty media: 

• Floppy, Beta, DV and 8-Tracks $0.50 each + HST
• Reel-to-Reel $1.00 each + HST

Why is there a cost for recycling?

Red Propeller, not funded by the government, provides an environmental friendly alternative to disposing the media tapes in landfills. 

The recycling fee represents the cost to collect, dismantle and recycle the media tapes to prevent them from being disposed of in landfills. The Project, and its mandate to provide jobs to those with barriers and divert recyclable materials, would not be possible without your support.

What do we recover?

The short answer is – everything we can – from the outer packaging to the internal components of all of the above media types. Some media produce more than others; however, all of them generate some sort of recyclable materials. We have identified at least 6 types of plastics, 4 metal types plus cardboard and paper. After collecting sufficient volumes for each type of material we return the materials to the market place for re-use in new products.

Magnetic media




Privacy Protection Service for Magnetic Media

Degaussing up to 50 items: $10.00 + HST

  • Additional items $0.20 each
  • Certificate of Destruction $35

Join us in making
our planet a better place.

We accept cash and credit cards