Dave Neilson

David Neilson
General Manager

David, as our lead recycling expert, brings on board his deep industry knowledge and a broad network of waste management connections. 

Trained in chemical engineering technology and armed with over twenty-five years’ experience in waste management and transportation services, David has provided services in all areas of Ontario and across Canada. Some of his specialties are program development and implementation for managing hazardous, non-hazardous and special wastes, including electrical and electronic equipment.

David’s relentless search for solutions to challenges makes him a great problem-solver. His innovativeness is instrumental to the fruition of Project Get Reel. 

Philip Yan

Philip Yan 

Philip is an award-winning design visionary who gets marketing, design and technology.

Being always forward thinking, Philip’s deep industry knowledge spanning over 20 years of creative experience in brand marketing communications leads GenesisXD to advance forward – to creating experience-focused interactive mobile apps.

Philip led the GenesisXD team to create the KLINK™ Coffee brand, a social enterprise to help former offenders. The brand campaign even caught Correctional Service Canada’s attention and GenesisXD received an award from So(cial) Good Design Award.

Philip’s passion for doing social good propels him to create SocialSandbox, a unique service to help corporations develop social innovation in alignment with their brand image.

Graham Lewis

Graham Lewis
Business Development

Graham is a passionate social innovator armed with international experiences. 

Social innovation is Graham’s expertise. He has held executive directorships at IMG Expositions, USA, CEO of Everton in the Community, UK and Head of partnerships at Knowsley Borough Council, UK. He is also the creator of the UK Healthy School Bus initiative. Graham’s innovative vigour took him to China where he founded the Everton in Shanghai partnership for physically challenged youngsters in Shanghai.

Creating social enterprises is in Graham’s DNA. Graham and GenesisXD co-founded the award winning KLINK™ Coffee social enterprise in 2013, to help former offenders re-integrate into the workforce.

Amy Cheung

Amy Cheung
Customer Service

Amy brings a quality of leadership that is observant, reflective and consistent.

Her role ensures that projects are planned and implemented according to clients' objectives and needs. She leaves no stone unturned for timely communication among all involved parties.

Amy cares deeply for those who are underprivileged. She has over 10 years of experience working in the field of servicing people with developmental disabilities in the areas of research, engagement with clients as well as administration. Amy was also one of the key members of the award winning creative team for developing KLINK Coffee.