We divert the recyclable components of VHS and other media tapes from going into landfills. This process conserves natural resources, reduces waste and accelerates the transition to a circular economy.


"Until now, there's been no way to recycle VHS tapes in Ontario and they inevitably end up in landfills. But a new program called Project Get Reel is giving people an environmentally safe way to dispose of tapes while providing employment to people who may face barriers to securing a job.”



We also take the following materials:

About Project Get Reel:

The VHS tapes are made of different types of plastic and there’s no uniformity in design and production because of different brands; even positioning of the screws are not standardized. This explains why it’s a lot of manual work involved in dismantling the tapes, and why it’s a business challenge.

To us at Project Get Reel, recycling the VHS tapes not only is an environmentally responsible solution, there’s a social impact – offering jobs to individuals with barriers to employment.

Reality of the VHS ERA:

There is no green recycling program for VHS tapes until Project Get Reel