Who is Red Propeller?

Red Propeller creates sustainable green solutions to neglected environmental issues with a social impact. We can help you remove, recycle and increase your CSR value. 




How do we make it work?

Our business model is based on a triple bottom line framework:

  1. Environmental – We divert the recyclable components from going into landfills
  2. Social – We hire individuals with barriers to employment
  3. Financial – For sustainability we sell the recyclable materials which will then be manufactured into new products

This model allows us to dismantle by hand in order to yield high purity in recyclable materials, we can keep using available resources for less damage in the environment, and we do all this with social impact.

Our Centre of Excellence
– a higher level of service

Red Propeller cares about protection of privacy of the content in the VHS tapes. Upon request, sensitive material is completely erased as our special service. Our Centre of Excellence embodies our service for privacy protection as well as providing data on your environmental impact:

Certificate of Destruction
  1. Data and privacy protection using electromagnetic degaussing before dismantling
  2. For a small fee, we can provide a Certificate of Destruction for the degaussing service


Lead by adding an innovative environmental solution to your CSR values

Contact us today and discuss how Red Propeller can add value to your CSR program.