Red Propeller is the only dedicated child car seat recycler in Ontario. 


Car seat recycling With A Social Mission #KidsGoGreen #Toronto

From the social enterprise that brought Canada’s first dedicated VHS recycling service, Project Get Reel™, Red Propeller is now helping Ontario families to recycle their kids’ car seats.

Every year, estimated over 1/4 million of car seats are going to landfills in Ontario. You can contribute to the change for a better environment.

Recycling Fee:

Child Car Seats: $10.00 + HST
Booster Seats: $5.00 + HST

Why is there a cost for recycling?

Red Propeller provides an environmental friendly alternative to disposing the child car safety seats in landfills. However, the recycling of child car safety seats is not funded. 

The recycling fee represents the cost to collect, dismantle and recycle the child car safety seats to prevent them from being disposed of in landfills. The Project, and its mandate to provide jobs to those with barriers and divert recyclable materials, would not be possible without your support.

For more information:


You can schedule an appointment to drop them off to Red Propeller Inc. (inside the Learning Enrichment Foundation)

116 Industry St. Toronto ON M6M 4L8  Canada
By appointment only