Every year, an estimated 1/4 million of car seats in Ontario are destined to be disposed of in landfills.

This staggering amount of resource being wasted compels Red Propeller to create Green Propeller – the first non-profit franchised social recycling organization dedicated to collect and dismantle child car seats for recycling purposes.  

#KidsGoGreen #1LessSeat

Car seat recycling With A Social Mission #KidsGoGreen #Toronto

Red Propeller founded Green Propeller to carry the same mission: empowering lives and environment.

Red Propeller was incorporated in 2015, after several years of research on VHS recycling process. We started the operation with Project Get Reel™. With our innovative minds always at work, Red Propeller founded Green Propeller as a first franchised non-profit social impact recycling social enterprise to recycle child car seats. Red Propeller's growth is based on continuous innovation in finding environmental and social impact solutions, collaborations and partnerships.

Red Propeller continues with recycling VHS and old media tapes. Of importance, Red Propeller functions as a pilot centre, maintaining its leadership in ongoing research and development to improve our engineering process, as well as ensuring Green Propeller to stay on course for the same social and environmental impact. Red Propeller provides our franchised engine with necessary guidance and consultation for consistent delivery of business value and social impact.

Visit www.Propeller.Green for details.